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Roof Replacement

At JR Roofing & Plumbing, roof replacement is one of our specialities.

We can replace your tiled or iron roof with new Colorbond steel, install new sarking, replace your fascia and guttering, or add new fascia cover or gutter with leafguards. 


Roof Replacement


If you are renovating your current home, updating an older property, repairing damage, or just want a new look, we can replace your steel or tiled roof with new Colorbond or tough Zinc sheeting. Choose from a great range of designer colours whilst getting one of the toughest roofs you can get. We can also install transparent Polycarb sheets in your new carport or alfresco, to keep your natural light coming in.

  • Colorbond roofing is also extremely durable, rust and weather resistant, and comes in a huge range of designer colours to suit any style or look you are going for with your house and land.

  • Zincalume roofing is much stronger than galvanised sheets, so for an extremely durable, rust resistant, long lasting roof, you can't get better tan this.

  • Steel Roofs are the most efficient to have in our Australian climate, not only reflecting heat, but re-emitting heat back as well.

Fascia & Gutter Replacement


Your gutters are one of the most important parts of your roof after the sheeting/tiles, since it's them that take away rainwater. If your gutters are sagging, rusted, outdated or ugly, we can replace them with new Colorbond or tough Zinc gutters. All of our gutter choices offer weather and corrosion resistance, and come in a fantastic range of colours and shapes. 

  • The traditional Quad 'D' shaped gutters match perfectly with new colourbond sheets, and help prevent water damage with overflow slots.

  • Ogee guttering gives a stylish, decorative look to stand out from other properties. Looks excellent on old and new properties to give the roofline some flare.

  • Half Round and Half Round Flat Back have a large water capacity, and generally used for commercial roofs, are becoming more popular with residences too.

  • Box Gutters are almost always hidden behind parapets or in between converging roof planes, but are extremely important for removing large amounts of rainwater for these areas.

Fascia Cover & Gutter

Cassons Rd, Huntly Roof Windspray Fascia

Fascia Covers are a fantastic, stylish way to add value to your home when you are having your roof and gutters replaced. Fascia Cover is Colorbond fascia that slides over your wooden fascia to cover it, protecting the wood underneath and updating your home's look at the same time. Take the most of the opportunity while your gutter & roof are being replaced to get new weather resistant Fascia Cover.

Leafguard & Gutter

The number 1 most common insurance claim for homes in Australia is storm and stormwater damage, primarily caused by clogged gutters leaking into roof spaces and inside walls.

Prevent this with our Blue Mountain Gutter Mesh, laid over your gutters, not only looking excellent but preventing the buildup of leaves, debris, animal nests and dirt. This is even more ideal if your property relies on, or is supplemented by tank water.  Enquire about leafguard for your Reroof quote today!

Roof Replacement
Fascia & Guter Replacement
Facia Cover & Gutter
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